Beezshotme has emerged as a prominent and distinct photographer in New Jersey. After working with countless models and brands, he has found his niche and home behind the camera. Born DaiJohn McLaurin, he was raised in Edison but has since moved to different places throughout Jersey. At a young age he learned to love photography, but didn’t take it seriously until he was older. It wasn’t until he left college that he decided to make photography his craft and his passion; he never looked back. He specializes with fashion and editorial looks the most, as it gives him the space to create moments with everyone and everything. He’s worked with and contributed to various magazines such as Svge Magazine, ThaGreyMatter, DayDreamers Mag and clothing brands that include Noir Est Frais, Reinge Clothing and Paid Life. Collaborating is the base of his craft and has allowed him to evolve into a well-rounded photographer with limitless capabilities.